lördag 27 mars 2010

Dehler 32 seglar

Vad man missar när man är på tjänsteresa!!
Dehler 32 prototypen seglar. Ser gött ut.
Bifogar varvets text från provseglingarna.
Döm själv. Hon går åt som smör i solsken.
Många svenskar har blivit båtägare och köpt till säsongen. Ska bli kul och se hur många som kommer ut på banorna. Bara att gratulera - ser snyggt ut.
Någon som varit i Holland och seglat henne?

"It was Thursday last week in the Netherlands, in front of the office of Van den Bosch Yachting, our Dutch representative, our new Dehler 32 saw her first time water after being displayed very successfully in Copenhagen Bella Center to the Scandinavian public.
Our Team from the yard (Udo Erbe, technical manager, Volker Kodalle, Quality Control, our new member in the Crew Marian Scheer, and myself arrived in the morning at a cold but sunny day at the Ijsselmeer.
The boat swam in the quite water alongside and our first view was impressed about her beauty and well balanced position in the water.
We went immediately on board, she felt very stable and comfortable and the first impression is her wide and roomy cockpit. Her Mast was already in Position, the 2-spreader Selden Mast with Dyform rigging and central backstay with 1:48 ratio shows easy handling. The Selden Team inspected the setup, did a full healing test and measured stability, they seemed to be satisfied. The Heating system was switched on, the cabin warmed up very fast – which was necessary.

With the engine in reverse the long slim rudder blade had direct grip and was easy to manoeuvre, the well balanced blade kept the force at the tiller to a good level. Forward 2200 RPM, we made 6 knots – the engine was nearly not to hear. Full throttle – 3700 rpm and close to 7.6 knots speed – this engine has enough sparepower also in difficult situations!
The Sails went up – and the wind went down – but a 5 knot light breeze gave a first impression of the possibilities – we sailed up to 3,7 knots high to the wind, the test sails from North had a great shape and Stefan Matschuk from North Germany did the trim and all checks.

It was all over a very successful first sail – all visitors at the dock locked impressed to the boat and gave their complements – I am sure the this young beautiful Lady will have a lot of success in the following years.

A week later the sailing conditions improved a lot an a first real test was possible, together with the Dutch Testing Crew from Water Kampionen, a beautiful day with light sun and 12 knots of wind showed the potential of the boat – easy acceleration, tacking speed of 6,7 knots (with 2 man crew) and fantastic feel at the rudder created a big smile in the faces of the crew.
She has really very high stability and her well balanced rudder was easy to handle, even under pressure and high heeling angles she was always full under control. Opening the sails the speed always stayed clear above 7 knots and the boat showed clearly, that a high potential on the race course is in her. "

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

6,7 knop med 2 man o den vinden?
Ojoj högre fart än Dehler35an alltså och Arcona 340 ,t34 mm...lys 1,34? Eller bara snack? vi får se...

Anonym sa...

Man ska nog se detta som en beskrivning av intrycken vid första seglingen snarare än som en testsegling baserat på fakta.
Om logg och vindinstrument är rätt kalibrerad (vilket de sannolikhet inte är) så har man naturligtvis styrt lågt på kryssen.

Anders Nilsson sa...

Verkar som marknadsavdelningen fått Hybris. :-)
Konstruktionsavdelning var visst himla nöjda. Vikten och flytläget var enligt beräkningarna och specarna.