torsdag 10 augusti 2017

FarEast 28r World Championship - day 1

It was a much tighter fleet today than in yesterdays tune up race in harder winds. Conditions today was still a southerly breeze but lighter winds, 8-10 knots in average. The north going current was not too strong today. The left side of the course was affected by land and with slightly more wind than the right side.

 Strategy became simple but it was still tricky tactics to get the right track with undisturbed wind.

 Team Griffin dominated today but after day one I believe Anders Emmoth is leading. Team Griffin missed that they have to keep clear from the finnish line and was disqualified in the 3rd race.
Anders Emmoth winning the third race as Marcus Löfgrens Team Griffin did not sailed the course.
The mistake of the day - leading and missing to keep clear of finnish line - Team Griffin
There is a new day tomorrow.

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