onsdag 12 oktober 2016

Agile 42 - Ny Simonis Voogd 42 fots full carbon cruiser

Now it is official we are very proud to announce the start of construction of the Agile 42 (internally known as the S\V 42) Just a stone's throw away from our office this exciting project is under construction at VMG Yachts in Enkhuizen. With an all carbon construction this will be a very modern and fast speedster. With an innovative cockpit and interior lay-out this will be certainly not a spartan racer but instead an exciting new breed of cruiser. Ample sail area, high stability, light displacement and low wetted surface will guarantee a lot of fun. We will keep you posted on this unique project.
 Bygget är redan igång och de nu så framgångsrika lättdrivna skroven från FarEast båtarna känns igen på den minimala våta ytan.

Den negativt lutande stäven känns också igen.

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Pelle sa...

J-121 känns gammal redan :-)