lördag 7 augusti 2010

J-24 World Championship 2010 in Malmö - preparations are on going

The J-24 World Championship 2010 has started to become reality in Malmö.
One american boat was unloaded in the wrong european harbour. It was found in Bremerhaven, Germany, instead of Copenhagen, Denmark. Luckily it was found and she came to Limhamn yesterday morning. Today the Annapolis crew raised the mast and everything went smooth. They plan to participate in the swedish nationals next week.
Bangor Packet in Limhamn. Starts to be ready for the big battle.
First foreign crew on the waters outside Malmö was this japanese crew. Also the first crew to hit a rock at Saltholm, the island between Sweden and Denmark. The boat is in the shipyard to be repaired. Luckily we could borrow them another boat. Today they were on the water again.

Swedish summer made all the crews happy today. Good training.
Hopefully the japanese crew will get the boat ready till the races.
Six brand new J-24 came this morning from Italy. Looked really nice.
Marianne Schoke on foredeck today.
The #1 swedish crew on the waters.
Our measurement planner Gösta Wiik seams to be really comfortable. The planning seems to be in place.

Krister Ahlkvist and his crew also on the waters.
The measurement stations are already in place. The measurement proceedure is really a challange for us organizers compared to other keelboat classes.

All boats must be weighed in. We are prepared. ;-)

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Anonym sa...

HUR FA................... kan man köra upp på Saltholm. Köp ett sjökort, fast det är ju inte på Japanske:)

Anonym sa...

Jag tycker Göstas båt är snyggast!
Sen så är väl japanerna vana vid djupare vatten och det enda de riskerar att segla på är väl en val eller så om den inte redan har landat i soppan!